Thursday, September 18, 2014

MOPS has started again...

After all the stress and worrying my co-coordinator and I did, we finally made it to the first meeting of the year.

Our first meeting was this past Tuesday and I sure did feel like a chicken with my head cut off, but it went off well and we had a total of 20 new mom's visit and out of those 20 moms, about 8 or so registered for this next year. They get to try it out for 2 meetings before registering... hopefully all of them will be registered by next month!

The stresses and worrying we did was worth it. For those 20 ladies to show up and have a place to come to get that mom time and enjoy the crafts and speakers we have, it was all worth it! 

Looking forward to the rest of the year and praying it goes smoothly after we get in the hang of things!

MOPS motto is NO MOM ALONE... I highly feel that is a great motto and every mom needs a good friend in their life! Why not have more than one with MOPS!

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