Monday, August 4, 2014

White trash bags EVERYWHERE

Our MOPS group tried out a new fundraiser this year. It is called clothes for the cause fundraising and it seemed like it would be an amazing one to do. You collect old clothes, shoes, belts, bags, rags, blankets, stuffed animals and you make money on the weight you collect. Sounded pretty easy... 

Our goal was to make $5,000 and that would have been us collecting around 2,500 white trash bags. I found the fundraiser on another MOPS site so I was like sweet... I was put in charge of getting it going. We started the 2nd week in May and we were going to end July 26th. 

May - the storage unit we found donated the smaller unit to us. What an amazing thing to happen when you are trying to raise money. By the end of May we had the storage unit filled to the top. June - we were able to get the biggest unit they had in addition to our smaller one and we ended up getting a sponsor for the first month. They gave us the unit minus the amount the smaller one cost so it was a great deal. We started piling bags into the unit. July we had a sponsor as well and we were on a roll. 

No one really thinks about it being such a crazy fundraiser until after you have collected the first 500 bags. After that it becomes a piece of cake to hike bags into the storage unit, but its the time it takes to get the bags and bring them to storage and the pickups we needed. I put a lot on myself, but I finally stepped back a little and ask for help... 

We got our final numbers and we are about 50 bags away from 20,000 pounds. At this mark we get more cents per pound and we get an extra $1,000 just from that extra cents mark. I feel we can hit that mark in the next week.

A few pictures of our journey so far:

The start of our collection... 
First unit filling up quickly
Our big unit, the day we loaded it up into the uhaul to get weighed.

The trailer with our final collection before the fundraiser ended. 

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