Monday, August 18, 2014

Momma doesn't like the NEW me...

The other day I picked C up from the sitter. I noticed that she had a bit of an attitude so I let it go for a few minutes thinking it would probably change as we drove home. About 15 minutes later I told her that the attitude that she has needs to stop because it is not funny anymore. 

Her reply in all seriousness: "Momma is mad at me?"

It caught me off guard because this is the first time she has ever spoke in 3rd person. So, I explained to her that I am at mad at her, but instead I am not happy with her attitude. 

Not missing a beat she says, in the most saddest voice: "Momma doesn't like the new me?" After this was said I just died laughing inside. I was thinking, what do you mean the new you, YOU ARE 6.

I replied with, "No baby I do not like the attitude but that is not WHO you are. You are my beautiful 6 year old who is awesome and doesn't have this attitude. That is who you are and the attitude does not make you NEW.

She later said she was trying to be funny and I just explained to her that is fine, but sometimes you have to realize when being funny is getting you in trouble instead of making things funny. 

She keeps me laughing and I love her more than anything!

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