Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 11 of our vacation

Day 11 was July 19th 

Today was a good day. We hung out at home with mom and dad until about 2 or a little after. We went to Derrick's house for the rest of the day. He was having a barbecue with all of us before we left. 

Earlier in the day a few other family members were there and then as they left Michael and his family showed up. It was very nice. The kids got to swim and enjoy playing and us adults enjoyed visiting. 

There were a few ping pong games that went down and a few proud winners. My mom and dad even played a few games. It was AWESOME to watch them get into the fun as well. 

I love my family and I feel so blessed to have such amazing parents and brothers. We have not always gotten along 100%, but every family goes through their moments. I love all my nieces and nephews and I just feel very blessed to be a part of this great family.

Derrick and his boys

Heather and I... been hanging together since we were 2. I am lucky to call her my sister now :)

Michael and Dad's match

Mom and Dad

My mom and dad's match...

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