Monday, August 18, 2014

Momma doesn't like the NEW me...

The other day I picked C up from the sitter. I noticed that she had a bit of an attitude so I let it go for a few minutes thinking it would probably change as we drove home. About 15 minutes later I told her that the attitude that she has needs to stop because it is not funny anymore. 

Her reply in all seriousness: "Momma is mad at me?"

It caught me off guard because this is the first time she has ever spoke in 3rd person. So, I explained to her that I am at mad at her, but instead I am not happy with her attitude. 

Not missing a beat she says, in the most saddest voice: "Momma doesn't like the new me?" After this was said I just died laughing inside. I was thinking, what do you mean the new you, YOU ARE 6.

I replied with, "No baby I do not like the attitude but that is not WHO you are. You are my beautiful 6 year old who is awesome and doesn't have this attitude. That is who you are and the attitude does not make you NEW.

She later said she was trying to be funny and I just explained to her that is fine, but sometimes you have to realize when being funny is getting you in trouble instead of making things funny. 

She keeps me laughing and I love her more than anything!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The past is not yours...

I am currently reading a new book by Lisa Bevere and her husband and I am loving it. 

I did a bible study with my church last year I think in June or July and the series was "Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere. It changed my life. It was about being the woman God meant for you to be and stepping into the role and being brave and rising up! I stepped into MOPS Leadership after that study and I also decided to get water baptized. 

In this new book called "The Story of Marriage", I have found my favorite quote by Lisa and her husband. It says:

"The past is not yours. It belongs to God. The enemy of your soul will try to use your past to thwart God's plans for your future. Remember that God has given you today and that the choices you make today will shape your tomorrow - not your yesterday."

I LOVE THAT! When I got divorced it weighed heavy on me that it was the choice that I had to make. I have always heard that its not okay to get divorced because God says... but in this book it talks about those that do get divorced and the quote above just hit home to me. I love it and I will make sure I remember that for people who are having a hard time with their past!

Great book. I am so excited to continue reading!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fundraiser is DONE!

After a few months doing the fundraiser for my MOPS group, we are finally done. 

We have raised $4,329.60 by collecting clothes! What a great fundraiser to have and let others clean out their closets in doing so. Great job ladies! Looking forward to the next year of MOPS and what we will accomplish together!

Monday, August 4, 2014

White trash bags EVERYWHERE

Our MOPS group tried out a new fundraiser this year. It is called clothes for the cause fundraising and it seemed like it would be an amazing one to do. You collect old clothes, shoes, belts, bags, rags, blankets, stuffed animals and you make money on the weight you collect. Sounded pretty easy... 

Our goal was to make $5,000 and that would have been us collecting around 2,500 white trash bags. I found the fundraiser on another MOPS site so I was like sweet... I was put in charge of getting it going. We started the 2nd week in May and we were going to end July 26th. 

May - the storage unit we found donated the smaller unit to us. What an amazing thing to happen when you are trying to raise money. By the end of May we had the storage unit filled to the top. June - we were able to get the biggest unit they had in addition to our smaller one and we ended up getting a sponsor for the first month. They gave us the unit minus the amount the smaller one cost so it was a great deal. We started piling bags into the unit. July we had a sponsor as well and we were on a roll. 

No one really thinks about it being such a crazy fundraiser until after you have collected the first 500 bags. After that it becomes a piece of cake to hike bags into the storage unit, but its the time it takes to get the bags and bring them to storage and the pickups we needed. I put a lot on myself, but I finally stepped back a little and ask for help... 

We got our final numbers and we are about 50 bags away from 20,000 pounds. At this mark we get more cents per pound and we get an extra $1,000 just from that extra cents mark. I feel we can hit that mark in the next week.

A few pictures of our journey so far:

The start of our collection... 
First unit filling up quickly
Our big unit, the day we loaded it up into the uhaul to get weighed.

The trailer with our final collection before the fundraiser ended. 

A new journey begins

There are many things that I have been introduced to by my husband and by far the best thing that I have found because of him was my new church family and my MOPS group. He brought me to church with him the Sunday after we started dating and I absolutely fell in love with the church. 

A month later I found out that the church had a MOPS group. MOPS is for mothers of preschoolers. At the time I did not know what it meant, but it was for mom's to get together and just hang out with FREE childcare. I was all for this! I needed that extra mom time with ladies who wanted to encourage those that came in. 

I fell in love with it from the start. I have made a lot of new friendships from the group and it keeps getting better and better. C loves going to her MOPS meeting too as she calls it. It just really has been a blessing for me. 

Once your child finishes kindergarten you graduate out and you can either find another venture to take on or you can find a MOPS next group that is for mothers who have graduated out of the original MOPS group. Well, this year was my year to graduate and I was devastated. I could not imagine my life without being a part of MOPS in some way. I felt so strongly about what MOPS has to offer women who are in need of finding women to love on them, that I just couldn't imagine leaving. 

At the beginning of this year, I was approached and asked if I would consider the position of co-coordinator for the next year coming up. I was hesitant because I was suppose to graduate out and I wasn't sure I would be able to, but I was able to as a coordinator if I choose to. I thought about it for a bit and prayed about it even more. I went to the coordinator meetings to find out what it was all about and after talking to my husband and praying some more, I made the decision to sign up and see what happens.

I was choose to be co-coordinator with another lady and now the final process began. I had to interview with the lady pastors at my church and get their final approval. After waiting what seemed like forever I finally got the position as co-coordinator for our MOPS group. I was so excited about the opportunity and so excited to be able to reach out to the mom's that could really use the support of a group like this. I was no longer going to be a member of MOPS, but I was going to have to use my skills and the skills of the other co-coordinator and make it all work and make it the best it could be. 

So far, there have been some hills to climb over, but I have a great group of ladies that supports me and wants me to grow spiritually and emotionally on this journey. My co-coordinator is great because we have different skills and hers are different than mine, so we were able to choose roles in this position that fit those skills so it worked out perfectly. 

I look forward to these next few years as their co-coordinator and making amazing! It has taken me some time to realize that I am now a ministry leader at my church and these ladies are going to depend on the coordinators to make things run smoothly. 

The ladies in this picture are 2 of my closest friends I have made through my last year at MOPS. These 2 ladies encourage me to be the best that I can be and are there supporting me along the way helping me when I need it. They are amazing women who will never know how amazing their support is and how thankful I am because of them!

If you pray... keep me in your prayers this next year as I walk this journey together with my leaders and we make it the best we can make it. I am praying that we can reach out to the community more and introduce the MOPS group and get more ladies signed up for the evening meetings which is where I will be...


And just like that... time flies

We were so very excited because the weekend after we got back from Mexico we were getting Isa and she was staying all week with us and spending 2 weekends. We were so looking forward to this time with her. 

It is Monday the 4th and she is back at home with her momma. I wish we could spend more time with her, but we enjoy what time we have with her... 

On her final day with us we went to see the Blue Angels at Seafair. It was a great show and like always the kids had fun and enjoyed it just like we did. Here are a few pictures from their show:

PawPaw's Alligator

This is the close to 10 foot alligator that lives in the canal behind my parents house. When the kids are there dad uses his fishing pole and tries to feed him and a few times he has fed him. Because of this C tells all her friends at school that her PawPaw has a real Alligator as her pet. 

I laughed when she first told me that. I told her that he doesn't really have him as a pet and her reply was: "But momma, he feds him." She had a really good point, so I left it alone. 

Day 13 of our vacation

Day 13 was July 21st

Today was a day to sleep in and catch up from the nausea I experience during flying and getting things back to normal after being gone for so long. I got things unpacked and started washing clothes and just getting things organized at home. 

I also got to see my baby girl today and it made everything about this day much better!!!!

I am very thankful we had this time together. I felt like it really was a great one for us... our first trip alone together. It was basically our honeymoon combined with everything else. We had some really amazing moments in the mist of the craziness we experience. 

Day 12 of our vacation

Day 12 was July 20th

This day is always bittersweet... I am so excited to get home and get back into my own bed and this case I was so ready to see my baby girl. This has been the longest I have gone without seeing her and I was so ready. But I was having such a great time on vacation and not having to deal with the stresses of life and just enjoying some good time with my mom and dad and family that I wasn't ready to go... 

We got up and started getting ready to pack up. We visited and just relaxed most of the morning. I got things all packed up and ready to go and we just visited before heading out at noon. 

Dad brought us back to the airport. The ride there was a good one. Not much traffic and no rain so that is always good for me. We gave our last hugs and we headed into the airport. 

Our flight was on time and we were scheduled to leave. The plane didn't get there until 30 minutes before our flight was suppose to leave. All the people got off the plane and then we got on. And we sat and waited for about an hour. We were on a new Alaska Air plane which was nice and roomy, but they had extra paperwork to do and it took them what seemed like forever. Especially with me who just wanted to be home already. 

The flight was a good one and we had no real issues. We got home later than expected but we got home and we got our luggage and our friend Tom was there to pick us up. I was just ready to go to bed... IT was a very long and exhausting vacation, but it was a great one spent with my husband and enjoying time together. 

Day 11 of our vacation

Day 11 was July 19th 

Today was a good day. We hung out at home with mom and dad until about 2 or a little after. We went to Derrick's house for the rest of the day. He was having a barbecue with all of us before we left. 

Earlier in the day a few other family members were there and then as they left Michael and his family showed up. It was very nice. The kids got to swim and enjoy playing and us adults enjoyed visiting. 

There were a few ping pong games that went down and a few proud winners. My mom and dad even played a few games. It was AWESOME to watch them get into the fun as well. 

I love my family and I feel so blessed to have such amazing parents and brothers. We have not always gotten along 100%, but every family goes through their moments. I love all my nieces and nephews and I just feel very blessed to be a part of this great family.

Derrick and his boys

Heather and I... been hanging together since we were 2. I am lucky to call her my sister now :)

Michael and Dad's match

Mom and Dad

My mom and dad's match...