Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 8 of our vacation

Day 8 of our vacation was July 16th

Today was a very long day... We got up at 4:15 am to get ready and head out for our flight. We shared a taxi with our nephew who was going to the airport as well. We ended up getting there a little after 5. 

We walked what seemed like forever to find our airline and we checked in. We had to wait in the long line to get our luggage checked in. We waited in that line for over 40 minutes. It went by really slow because they only had 2 people working the lines. We finally got our bag checked in and then got into the line for security. The line was going really slow and our flight was really soon, so we go out of this security line and headed to the other security entrance and there were maybe 5 people in line. Awesome! We got through security and went and found our gate. Abe went to try to find coffee and get me a diet coke and I headed to the bathroom before we had to board our plane. We sat for maybe 10 minutes before we boarded the plane. 

We get on the plane and we wait. And we wait and we waited some more. 30 minutes after the flight was suppose to take off and they let us know that the plane is having some mechanical issues and they are trying to get them fixed. We wait a little bit more and then they tell us that we are going to deplane and head to the next gate and get on a new plane. We gather up all our bags and we start getting off the plane. We were not even out of the gate yet and they told us to turn around and get back onto the plane. So confusing and so nerve racking. We get back on the same plane, get seated and they tell us that we are going to take off in a few minutes and that the issues were fixed. I do not love flying, so this made me very anxious. About 30 minutes later and we were on our way to Dallas airport. The flight wasn't a bad one so that was a good thing for me. 

We get off the plane and we are an hour late. We have to board our connecting flight in 45 minutes. We get off the plane and get our express tickets they had waiting for us. And we were off... we had to first go through customs. That took maybe 10 minutes if that. We had to wait because we selected a wrong answer for Abe's pass and he had to go and talk with a live person. So, after a few minutes he came out and we went down to baggage claim and got our luggage. We headed out to where we needed to go to recheck our bag. We were in a hurry and they took our bag really quickly and we headed to the security line. Because we got the cool express tickets, once we got to security we went through a different line and we were able to get through security before everyone else in line which was neat. We had our own agent to deal with and it was very helpful. We got through security and headed to our next gate. We had enough time to go use the restroom and for Abe to get a wrap for lunch and we were boarding. Nothing like a close call... 

The flight from Dallas to Houston was so short. We took off, go to cruising altitude and then we started descending. It only took about an hour and 5 minutes. Once we were there we got off the plane and I was so happy to be in Houston. We went to baggage claim and there was my cousin Vicky waiting for us with a smile on her face. Abe and I were so happy and thankful to be done with flying for 3 1/2 days. We get to rest and relax and just enjoy family with no rush to go from hotel to hotel. 

We get our luggage and then we head off to go surprise my daddy with a visit home. We head to Vicky's house first so she can get her luggage. It was good to see Dylan who was home when we got there. We visited while she packed her bags. She got done and we headed out. Abe watched a movie and slept while we visited. We got to mom's house a little after 5. 

When we got there I noticed that everyone was at the canal with my dad. We got out of Vicky's car and we headed to the back porch where we were going to sit and just visit until my dad came back... One of the grandkids went and got dad and he headed back. His comment was "Well, look who is here." The first hug is the best. Especially when you surprise him! I didn't want to let my daddy go. 

Mom had cooked chicken spaghetti and my brothers and all of their family was there for dinner. It was a good surprise and we were definitely thankful to be there. I was so happy to have my mom's cooking waiting for us. We all ate dinner and visited. We sang Happy Birthday to Julia since mom made her a birthday cake for her birthday.

We all visited before everyone started leaving. Once everyone left we did a few things to unpack and we headed to bed. I was so exhausted. My head hit the pillow and I was out. 

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