Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 6 of our vacation

Day 6 was July 14th 

Today was an okay day. We got up and got our bags packed. We went to have some breakfast and then went back to our room to get everything together. I watched TV and rested while Abe went to the market to get a few of the things that we still needed before we left. We had a good 2 hours before we needed to be downstairs. He got back and he was successful in all the things he needed to get. Have I mentioned that I love that man?

We got our bags packed with the new stuff he brought back and we headed downstairs at check out time. Our shuttle was not coming until 12:30 so we had some time to just hang out in the lobby and wait. We waited, and waited, and waited... Abe called the shuttle people twice because of how late they were. Finally at 1, they showed up. Our flight was leaving at 4 and we had to get our bags checked and get through security before we could fly out... Nothing like being in a rush. We got to the airport and ended up talking to Volaris. We had 1 bag that we needed to pay for. We were going to see if they would cover that bag fee because they broke our luggage but they said no. 

The flight was the same going back to Mexico City. We were packed in and there was no room. The staff was the same as they were last time. They were quite rude. It was just an experience we would never have to deal with again. We would fly another airline before ever choosing Volaris. 

We got to Mexico City and it was pouring outside. We found a taxi service that would get us to Michelle's condo for a decent price. We got in the car and headed to their house. It took about 45 minutes in traffic to get to their house and once we were there I was so relieved to just be out of traffic and out of the airport. We dropped our bags off and we headed to the market that was just around the corner from her house. We got snack foods, breakfast stuff and drinks for us to have today and tomorrow while we wait for our next flight out. We headed back home and we stopped at the taco cart and got some taco's for dinner and Abe got corn. We headed back up and we ate dinner before collapsing in bed for the night. We started a movie and I don't think we watched even 10 minutes before we were both out. 

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