Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 5 of our vacation

Day 5 is July 13th... 

On this day the birds decided to start singing the song of their family at oh about 4:30 am. What a day to be up at 4:30 am... We didn't get up and get moving until after 8, but it was oh so fun to listen to the birds chirping and being as loud as they could be. I mean in all reality we are in their home... 

This day was a very long one as well. We got up and got our bags packed and ready to go. We decided to go eat breakfast before we headed out and headed back to downtown Cancun. We got to the restaurant and our sister was there with some friends so we sat with them and ate. Once we were done eating we said our goodbyes and we headed back towards the huts. 

We had to stop by Michelle's hut to get the keys to their house. We were going to Mexico City for a few days and we were staying in their condo while we were there. We got to their hut and visited with them for a few minutes listening to the thunder from the storm that was rolling in. We had NO umbrella and we had our electronics with us. I put them in a garbage bag and then as soon as we were done we headed back to our hut to call the bellboy. It started raining on our walk back to our hut. We were soaking wet. We called the bellboy and they were there within 5 minutes. We got our bags loaded and I locked up and we were on our way to the front desk area. The front desk was outside under a huge hut like cover with straw all over it. There were no windows or doors we were out in the open. It was covered so we didn't get wet while sitting there waiting, but talk about crazy after the rain stopped. We checked out and they called us a taxi to take us back to downtown Cancun. Another hour and a half drive back... After the rain was over the mosquitoes came out and boy were they bad. We waited for close to an hour for our taxi to arrive and then we were off. The ride back was okay, but I was just so tired I just wanted to be there already. 

The driver got lost a few times so we had to drive around for an extra 20 or 30 minutes while the driver asked for directions. We finally got to our final hotel destination. The name of the hotel was Hotel Xbalamque Resort and Spa. I was really excited about this one because of the decor of the hotel. There was Mayan paintings all over the walls of the outside of the hotel and all over the walls in the hotel as well. It was very neat to walk around and just get lost in the art that was on the walls. I took a lot of pictures of the walls so I can go back and read/look at later. It was so neat. 

Abe standing next to a statue that was at the front of the hotel

The walls inside the hotel

Our stay here was a good one. I was very pleased with the service that we received. Our first suite that we were put in, the TV didn't work. So after talking to them they tried to fix it with no luck so they moved us to another suite. The TV worked and we were so thankful. The room was a little smaller, but that was okay. We were good with the room. The smaller room meant the AC would work better than the larger room. We turned the AC on and then we got everything situated and we headed out to go find something to eat. We were so hungry. We walked across the street and ate at this nice place. I had fajitas and they were so delicious. The waiter was pretty impressive. He would deliver our stuff with my diet coke bottle balanced on his hat. It was pretty fun to watch. Once we paid the waiter and Abe got to talking and the waiter ended up going outside and using his whistle that he had and getting us a taxi. 

We left the restaurant and headed to Wal-mart to buy a new suitcase. Apparently Volaris wanted to give us 300 pesos for our inconvenience. It would have been a nice gesture if we LIVED in Mexico and used that airline frequently. So, we ended up buying a new suitcase and we got some snacks for later in the evening and we headed back to our hotel. It is a very good thing taxi's are everywhere down there. Once we got back to our hotel we we just relaxed in our room most of the night. We did go down and enjoy the pool once the sun was down some and then later we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant they had. All and all it was a good way to end our day. Definitely a fan on the hotel and their staff. Anytime we needed anything they were there within seconds. Great customer service!

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