Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 4 of our vacation

Day 4 was July 12th. We got up and started packing our bags. We had to figure out how to make this whole bag situation work because of our broken suitcase. We ended up using our carry on suitcases for our own clothes and then put the toiletries into the broken bag and put our dirty clothes and a few other things we wouldn't need for the next few days into our big suitcase. 

Around 10 we were all packed up and ready to go. We decided since we had an hour and a half drive over to the other hotel we might as well leave since we were done packing. We had the bellboy come and help us with our bags and we started the check out process. The bellboy had packing tape and he wrapped our broken suitcase up so we could carry it with us without worrying about it. We waited for the taxi to get there... we waited about 30 minutes and then we headed out to the next hotel. The hotel that our niece was getting married at... 

The drive to Playa del Carmen was a pretty good one. It was pretty neat to see the culture and the landmarks. The drive took forever or so it seemed. We get there and realized that it was a resort with a zoo inside. Definitely not what we were expecting but it was interesting. We get all checked in and our room wasn't ready yet. They told us we could go eat lunch which is what we did. We gave them our luggage to store and then we went to go get something to eat. We were both starving. 

One of many Iguana's that the resort had... 
The momma turtle and her babies
This resort was different. Nothing was close together so you had to walk everywhere you went. You could wait for the golf carts that came around, but they didn't come around anytime that we needed them to come. We waited for the cart to bring us to grab lunch. 
The beautiful birds that were trained very well!
We first stopped at Michelle's room so we could drop off the fans. We brought them up and said a quick hi and gave hugs and then we left to grab lunch. We got in and got to get some food and we really enjoyed it. We were told that our room was ready so we went to the spot to wait for a cart. It didn't come within 5 minutes so we left and walked back to our room. We found a cart and got a ride after a few minutes. We got to our room and it was definitely not what the pictures showed on the website. It was a fancy type of hut.
OUR HUT - We were on the top floor
Our Honeymoon Romance package
After we got to our room, Abe realized that he did not have his glasses. So you can add losing his Oakley prescription glasses to the list of stuff that happened on our trip! We got our bags delivered by the bellboy shortly after we got back to our room. We got our clothes out that we needed for the wedding and we started getting ready. By the time we got our bags it was about 3:30 and we needed to get ready and be down there for the wedding at 4:30. 

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