Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 3 of our vacation

Day 3 of our vacation (July 11th) began really well. We got up and just enjoyed being together. We sat on the balcony for a little bit before we got ready to head to grab breakfast at the buffet. They had a good selection of foods to choose from for breakfast. It was really good. We left breakfast and decided to go look around at the stores that were across from our hotel. They had so many little stores with so many cool/cute things in them. We got all the stuff that we wanted to get for the kids and we got a few souvenirs in addition to the kids stuff. It was fun looking around at everything they had and finding cool things for a good deal. I had fun shopping with Abe and enjoying this time together. 

We went back to the hotel and then put our stuff away. We got a message that our sister was here as well as our niece and nephew that were getting married. We decided to get our stuff together and get the stuff that we were bringing to them and head to their hotel. We ended up getting a taxi to bring us over to their hotel and we got there within 10 minutes. What a beautiful hotel... we are staying here on Saturday night so I was excited to be able to see where we were staying. We go to the restaurant that they are currently in and there was no one. We looked around for a bit and then we went to the front desk. We were told that there was no wedding at this location on Saturday. We were then told that there are 2 Bel Air locations and the wedding was not at the one we were at right now. How far is the other Bel Air location from us you ask? It is only 58 miles away in Playa del Carmen not in Cancun. Oh okay... well that put a damper on us going to visit and spend time with them today. We decided to go back to the resort and enjoy the last part of the day before we had to leave this amazing resort tomorrow. 

The very neat chess board our resort had.
We got back to the hotel and we went to the other restaurant at the resort and ate lunch there. It was so delicious. I had the chef salad and onion rings and Abe had some sort of seafood dish and an appetizer. After lunch we went back to our room and got ready and we headed to ocean. We were out there for a little while and then we headed and enjoyed about an hour in the pool. I went back to the room after that hour because I was tired and wanted to rest some. Abe stayed out there for another hour or so. When he got back, poor thing was very burnt. He looked like a lobster. We went to the store at the hotel and got some stuff to put on his burn to help him and then we got ready and headed to eat dinner. We made reservations to have dinner on the deck watching the moon come up and it was so romantic. 

We went back to our room after dinner and enjoyed the sound of the waves hitting the shore as we sat in the lounge chairs on our balcony. We just talked and enjoyed our time together. After our food settled we decided to go for a walk on the beach and enjoy time without so many people being out there. It was dark and we only had the moon leading us... It was a very nice walk and we had a little fun! A few pictures from our walk:
Cancun fun with my hubby
The palm trees were everywhere. I love this fun loving man.
A heart with our initials in it and the waves rushing up to it. Pretty neat picture.
Cancun fun with my hubby!

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