Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 2 of our vacation

Our flight from San Francisco was pretty decent. We were upgraded to the exit rows for free since no one was sitting in them and we had a row to ourselves. It was nice to be able to spread out and not be crammed for a 4 hour flight. I tried to sleep on the flight but I was able to sleep a few minutes here and a few minutes there but not a lot! We get into Mexico City and we had 3 hours to get through customs, get our luggage from baggage claim, get it rechecked in and get through security again before our next flight. We got through Customs within 15 minutes so that was nice. I have heard horror stories about it taking forever. I was pretty happy about this. We get to the line for Volaris which is the airline we were going through to get to Cancun. We get through this first line with Volaris a little after 30 minutes or so and we ended up having to pay for extra luggage which their website said nothing about. Unexpected, but we figure a few little things will come up on our travels so okay... we ended up paying an extra $25 bucks for our luggage. 

We get in the security line which is wrapped around the airport and it looks like it is going to take forever. In reality we were in line for maybe another 30 minutes or so before we got through security. We went to the area that is where we are suppose to sit until they announce which gate you are to go to. (What do you mean I have to sit here until they tell us where to go??? That is ridiculous...) So, we sit there and wait. Abe goes and gets me a diet coke and I noticed on the screens where we were to go. It wasn't far from where we were so we go and we sit until our plane arrives. 

Not sure if any of you have ever been on a Volaris airplane, but our experience was not a good one. The seats were so crammed together and we seriously had maybe 1/2 an inch of leg room. If I was any taller, my legs would have hit the seat in front of me. It was the longest 2 hours I have been through in a while. My husband and I were so miserable on the flight and the staff were not very friendly. We get to Cancun and I am soooooo thankful we are done with the flying part of our travels for a little while. We unload and get off the plane and we head to pick up our luggage. We get our luggage and then head to get our rental car that we have booked. We already paid the insurance for the car, so we just needed to pay for the car. We get to the National Car Rental booth and they direct us to the van that will take us to the rental office. We get to the rental office and they unload our bags. At this moment, I notice that my BIG luggage that has all of our clothes in it is broken. When I say broken, I mean that Volaris inspected our luggage and decided to not only take the lock off that was on there, but they ripped the entire zippers off as well. We have NOTHING left on the suitcase to zip the suitcase up when we open it. So, basically once we open the bag we can't zip it back up and basically are screwed. Okay, not what I was expecting to deal with, but okay! We will call the airline later on. 

We get to National Car Rental office and my husband goes in while I wait with our broken luggage and our other 3 bags. And I wait, and I wait... It is close to 90 degrees outside with 80% humidity and to get a good picture, I am in jeans still. I haven't had a chance to change yet. We were there for about 30 minutes. We left without a rental car. Apparently they would not take the insurance that we had paid for through Expedia. They wanted $52 a day for insurance and just because they could, they wanted $1,000 deposit to rent the car. So, basically they wanted $1,238 to rent the car. We would get the $1,000 back later, but ummm NO THANK YOU! We had them take us back to the airport. 

We get back to the airport and we go straight to Volaris to deal with the broken bag issue. Another 30 minutes of waiting and talking and dealing with people who really could care less to deal with us and then they ended up turning in a claim and giving us a phone number to call back later on to see what is going on with the claim. By now, I am so furious I just want to get to our hotel. We go out and find a shuttle that can take us to the hotel and then pick us up again when we need to get back to the airport so we set that up to bring us to our hotel today and then to pick us up on Monday when we need it. Great, lets go... Oh so your next driver won't be here for 30 minutes... ummm OKAY. Lets wait some more outside, in jeans and in the heat... I was so over this travel day. 

Our shuttle got there and we had a nice ride in the AC with a really cool guy travelling from California. It was a good visit while we drove down the main strip in Cancun. We made one stop and then we finally got to our hotel, the Hotel Flamingo Resort. We pulled up and it was absolutely beautiful! The bellboy was right there waiting for us to arrive. He unloaded our luggage and we were inside enjoying the nicely cooled resort. I went up and got all checked in. The concierge came over and they brought us to sit down and explained all that we got to enjoy while staying at the all inclusive resort.  We were here and that was all that mattered to me. We were going to be able to enjoy 2 full nights here without any worries... or so I thought!

Our room was the on the right side the first floor and we were the 2nd room in. BEAUTIFUL VIEW
We finally got our keys to the room and we had the bellboy help us bring our luggage to the room. We got a tour of the place as we were walking to our room. It was so nice. We got to our room and we walked in and I was in love! What an amazing room and view outside. We got our luggage put away and then just enjoyed the view for a little bit before doing anything. 

This was our hotel room. Exactly what the picture showed but even more amazing!
This is the view from our back door. We had a balcony that we shared with our neighbors, but no one used it. We had 2 lounge chairs and it was just so gorgeous!
We enjoyed the beauty and then decided that we were hungry so we went and grabbed something for lunch. They had a buffet and it was pretty decent. I found a few things that I enjoyed and they had amazing desserts... After we were done eating we went back to our room to rest for a little bit. What a crazy journey so far. We were both exhausted. 

The rest of the day was spent:

  • Going to the ocean and enjoying that with my husband
  • Resting and relaxing on the balcony of our room
  • Enjoying the buffet again for dinner
  • And watching the sun go down and enjoying the moon coming up. 
We were so thankful to be at our resort. We definitely picked the best one to spend part of our honeymoon at. I was definitely happy to be there enjoying this time with my husband. I wanted an adventure and were were sure off to a good start on that adventure. No matter what we went through, we were together and going through it all together!

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